Bespoke, fitted joinery is key to creating the contemporary feel in any successful space

September 2016
Designing bespoke joinery pieces can be a tricky process but if done well can really add something special to a space. Planning and thought should be given early on in the design process so that allowances can be made to accommodate built in and concealed solutions as well as structural supports if necessary.
Often with the case of bespoke design there are usually lots of opportunities to add great character and fun elements to liven a room scheme.
For our Barnes project, the client needed clever and elegant storage solutions. This is a very large family home and plenty of space was needed to keep things organised, packed away and out of sight. These are a few examples of some of the joinery we designed and made for this property.
Views showing a hybrid fixed sideboard for the TV room which also acts as a bench. Encaustic geometric tiles were upcycled and fixed flush into a steel frame acting, giving a focal point and solid benchtop. The tiles wrap down seamlessley to become the hearth for the frieplace while drawers and open shelves provide storage for tv equipment, dvds and fire logs.
Views of a double-sided glass display cabinet between kitchen and hallway. This joinery was planned and allowed for during the building phase where the contractor left a purpose built void for us to work with. The void was made in what used to be the party wall between two individual properties. The concept and finished piece allude to the ‘puncturing’ theme within this property and give a striking feature storage solution that allows light to filter through to an otherwise dark area.
Progress of the feature bookshelves and cabinetry in the reception room.