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Corporate headquarters project culminates in bold lines and materials with luxury bespoke furniture and a striking yet elegant photography commission.

September 2016

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As we complete the handover for our central London commercial office project we took a look back on our initial designs and planning and reflect on the decisions taken and the progress made.
In hindsight, it’s always interesting to examine how a project developed and it is clear that we are always learning!
See the finished project pictures live on our website
We are particularly thrilled how our design compliments the extraordinary artworks from photographer, Chloe Dewe Matthews. Conceptually they are very strong and visually so striking – their dark blue ocean hues offset the rich accent colours of the brass and bronze that we used within the scheme. Capturing a fearless freediver descending into the dark and unknown is a study of how humans react physically and psychologically to risk and correlates with elements of risk management and mental endurance performed routinely by the businessmen and women who use the space throughout the day.

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See more work from photographer Chloe Dewe Matthews


FF&E Spotlight

Meeting room chairs: Beetle Chair by Gubi 
Reception area coffee table: PK by Fritz Hansen
Reception sofa: Ochre
Kitchen stools and table: Normann Copenhagen
Kitchen chairs: Hay
Glass hooks: Petite Friture
Rubber magazine strap: Droog

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