Reconfiguring an apartment layout with emphasis on circulation and riverside views.

October 2016
Robinson van Noort have proposed a circulation-enhancing scheme that maximises views and natural light at our Chelsea Riverside apartment project. The existing layout was harshly divided and meant no views or light could ever be filtered in to the hallways that are narrow and uninviting.
By breaking through this wall and removing doors from the main hallway we can create a continuous circulation route that offers extra light and views out to the river, also achieving a sense of a much larger floor area.
At the heart of the main living space you would be able to appreciate the full length from the bedroom to the large windows overlooking the river. The large space although still open plan has been zoned with a dining area, comfortable seating area, and a study with a chaise lounge in which to sit back relax and enjoy the view.
The bedroom suite will have increased wardrobe space, and for most of the time when an internal sliding pocket door can be opened to make a larger room. When there are guests these can be closed to create a spare room with its own bathroom. We’ve also managed to include a practical and decent sized utility room.
Our thoughts going forward are that we will create a dark panelled hallway from the entrance door down the length of the wider corridor with concealed doors to not only create privacy for the bedroom areas but also the sensation of being drawn towards the light, open plan space and marvellous view of the Thames.