RVN delivers unique and comprehensive design presentation for fantastic twin house redevelopment opportunity in Barnes

January 2016
This week Robinson van Noort have been adding the finishing touches to our comprehensive scheme presentation for the interior reconfiguration of our residential development project in Barnes.
Our exciting concept sees two substantial adjoining properties become one.
The unrestricted views across all the axes is at the core of our design. Creating lateral views from the entrance to the garden, horizontal views from the dining room to reception and vertical views including a triple height void between the ground and third floor. A series of strategically placed punctuations will be made in the party wall creating unique architectural forms.
The aim will be to seamlessly weave the two properties together with the punctures so that the space feels as one single house.
Here’s a snapshot from the existing plan showing the areas to be punctured/demolished (red hatch) and the line of the adjoining party wall (blue dotted line).