RVN wins new Thames apartment project.

September 2016
We’re delighted to announce that we’ve won a new project in Chelsea with fabulous views of the Thames.
Our client, a wonderful lady who we’ve worked with before, has asked us to redesign and reconfigure the apartment to house all her furniture and special pieces. She has decided to downsize but still wishes to be surrounded by all the items and objects that mean so much to her and which expresses her character and history so well.
It will be an interesting challenge as the central and rear portions have peculiar circulation with narrow wasteful corridors making it feel tight and claustrophobic whilst the front of the apartment, although enjoying a large open plan space with wonderful views of the river, has no delineation of usage. So we are excited about compartmentalising but still retaining the open plan and generous lateral sightlines and of course beautiful views of the river. We need to find a way to address the circulation, create an element of surprise when entering the property, improve and create more light and views from different points in the apartment, design a utility and further storage and still try and include ALL the existing furniture and introduce new pieces!
Fortunately she’s a very open minded and enthusiastic and great to work with. She knows what she likes and often has instant gut responses – a joy!
The plan above shows the existing space from the agents shown above. Note the blocked views, strange circulation, narrow corridor and wasted space.
We’re looking forward to presenting our ideas.