RVN’s Bespoke Kitchen Designs

Why architects are best positioned to design and oversee the making of truly bespoke kitchens.

Amazingly designed and exquisitely made joinery sets properties apart. For 20 years we have designed and overseen the making of every item of joinery for our clients’ property.


The kitchen – often the heart of a property – is a wonderful opportunity to express our clients’ individuality. The kitchen’s arrangement triggers how we deal with the surrounding forms, space and materiality and has a great deal of influence on the look and feel of the rest of the property.

We just LOVE working with our clients on their special and unique kitchens.

We thought it would be fun to describe the process and finished article for 4 very different kitchens below. Do contact us if you’d like to discuss your kitchen – nothing would give us more pleasure!
Church road : Large Family Home, London – Bespoke Kitchen

Church road

Large Family Home – London

This project co-joined two houses. By removing the second staircase we created a large square space for the kitchen. Locating the kitchen in the centre of this area and wrapping, on two sides, a banquette and low level kitchen units we created a social and friendly space, far more storage capability and an incredibly efficient kitchen.
Wonderful internal and external sight lines, light, cross light and excellent connectivity with surrounding spaces.
With the wall and staircase removed, we vastly improved the circulation and maximised the sense of space.
Removal of this wall to the left transformed the space available for the kitchen.
High lacquer panels housed kitchen appliances and wrapped around into the adjacent hallway to conceal coat cupboards and secret entrance to loo.
Limed fir detailing picks up on Douglas Fir wide board flooring.
A putty coloured leather upholstered and cantilevered banquette adds to the remainder to the subtle off grey kitchen palette.
Note: the little trough detail on the worktop prevents liquid spillages onto the banquette!
Roof light above the primary kitchen run takes shape. 
A view of the bespoke bronze kitchen pivot door. This bronze was picked up on all handles and the overhead sink storage unit.
Longitudinal view and cross light from kitchen to dining room.
Informal and highly practical kitchen table and counter arrangement.

Belsize Park Gardens

Young Family Apartment – London

As ever we started by studying the existing space and described the opportunities and constraints that prevailed.
Opportunities and Constraints diagram
Existing layout
Proposed general arrangement
Reclaimed internal glazing and partially glazed doors creates a pleasant new corridor and view of the kitchen and light beyond.
Removing a load bearing wall revealed a view of the space available for a new kitchen
A tight corridor still feels an open and generous introduction to the kitchen.
3d workings to establish our client’s exact requirements, look and feel. We were given a clear brief to design a contemporary kitchen which would still respond to the existing features and period nature of the building.
Demolish 2 load bearing walls.
A lovely mix of the formal and informal, reclaimed and new, matt and shiny, gentle and tough.
Designing a little sneak peak view from the study/snug into the new kitchen beyond.
Reconfiguration work-in-progress.
Very pleasant view.

Chelsea Crescent

Riverside Apartment – London

Again, we started by studying the existing kitchen and adjacent spatial and functions connections and looked at the opportunities and constraints that prevailed.
Opportunities and Constraints diagram
The kitchen – the heart of the apartment – and its links to the master bedroom
How to incorporate the load bearing column and create a functional separation between the kitchen and reception whilst maintaining views of the river.
Work-in-progress. Single load bearing column that held the concrete ceiling slab.  
Suspended brass and blackened steel overhead storage and extractor unit separates functions whilst allowing visual glimpses of space behind and maintaining natural light and views of the river.
Lacquered kitchen cupboards, column cladding and panelling merge and further wrap around into the hallway. This kitchen truly merges into the fabric of the apartment. 
Language of open, closed and glazed kitchen units mirrors the panelling concept behind: the secret panelled doors opening to lighter spaces beyond.
A very particular mix of old and new to reflect the personality of our client and ensure their existing furniture and objects sit comfortably with the new kitchen design. 

Hampshire Farm House

Country Home – Berkshire

Constraints and opportunities of a country house and ancient barn, earmarked to house a new kitchen.
An initial proposal and rationale.
A more detailed kitchen layout and rationale within the barn conversion
Threshing level before works began
Working through the kitchen arrangement to link with the host building
Raising the bottom chord of these roof trusses, previously holding up the floor of the threshing barn above, transformed the sense of space and volume in the kitchen. 
Working through the 3d design of the deeply chamfered worktop, bronze fin and cantilevered low level kitchen units
Island unit steel substructure tied into floor slab at first fix stage
Another view of the island unit steel substructure.
The form and materiality of the bronze framed glazing, dining table and seating pit beyond the kitchen all influenced the kitchen design.
Mix of ancient and contemporary.