RVN’s presentation for central London corporate headquarters thankfully went down well with client.

February 2016
We recently presented the interior scheme for our corporate headquarters project and are very pleased with the outcome. The client loved our ideas and it looks like we are going to start soon.
They are looking for us to create a real sense of entrance to reflect their business. Their existing reception area, inherited when they took an extra floor recently is pretty dull, lacking any real character or zoning. The scope of design will include providing a new reception area, breakout space as well as refitting the kitchen.
Our proposal focused on improving sight lines and creating distinct circulation for visitors and staff. An existing diagonal ceiling coffer triggered further diagonal lines of force and these were used to compartmentalize areas for the reception desk, seating area, breakout and kitchen.
We proposed a slatted walnut fin wall with a pivot door between the kitchen and the reception so one could separate the spaces and their functions yet still enjoy the natural light from external glazing and the views onto a terrace. The reception is to be smart and perhaps a bit moody whilst the surrounding meeting rooms, each with their internal and external windows clean and light.
A key part of the scheme is a collection of bespoke joinery and furniture. We are proposing a monolithic faceted bronze reception desk as the first impression when exiting the lifts. And it is this faceted, chamfered and diagonal form that is picked up on the other items of joinery. We play with the horizontal axis of fins and slats in a cantilevered bench and low level screening and this will compliment the verticality of the library and kitchen wall fins.
Next up is a working drawing pack and to detail these pieces with the joiners and metalworkers and then kick start the ff&e which will have some lovely pieces.