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RVNs Rich Character in 25 Beautiful Homes Magazine

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We’re delighted with our Church Road project on the cover of 25 Beautiful Homes

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Both houses were originally designed by the same architect, so from the exterior they could always have been one building.
We initially planned to remove the partition wall between them and build a central staircase but were then  asked by the local authority to retain the central wall and come up with a new way to link the two houses.
We eventually joined them together by puncturing through the sitting room wall, which was a big constraint, but ultimately it challenged us to.


“Faced with the challenge of turning two townhouses into one, Miranda Davies decided to enlist expert help.”

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Photo of the cover of 25 Beautiful Magazine – November Issue 2019

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Finding an architectural practise that understands the challenges of planning and construction in London, may be the key factor to the success of your project.


Robinson van Noort has completed a number of permitted house extensions in London. View our portfolio for examples of our work or contact us on 020 7820 1033 to discuss your project.

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