You & Your Project

Coming Soon!

We are incredibly excited to launch a brand new aspect of Robinson van Noort from July 2022.

You and Your Project is designed to help You prepare for Your Project, no matter the size and scope of work.

Using our 20 years of experience we will share the lessons we have learnt via a series of videos and downloadables that you can enjoy and employ in your own time.

Every project presents challenges. We have created robust systems and processes to tackle them, so no matter what happens, you have the time and space to make excellent choices to create your special home. We passionately believe that if you have a FOUNDATIONAL knowledge of the process BEFORE you start your project, you will have a massive advantage and dramatically increase the chance of a successful and pleasurable project.

We have built a framework of videos to share these lessons. This isn’t so much about us but instead angled to answer all your worries and concerns, so that come July you can move forward straight away. And from then on, we will be adding incredibly valuable nuggets of information, creating webinars and workshops with a series of consultants and specialists, who with us, will continue to share the lessons we’ve learnt.

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